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Why Choose a Janitorial Service

Most workplaces with more than a few employees can usually benefit from using an office cleaning service. No matter how clean and organized they are, most employees don’t have time to do their own work plus do the job of a janitorial service as well. Investing in a reputable cleaning service can pay off in many ways.  Cleaning services can be scheduled for a variety of requirements, depending on the size and nature of the business being served.  A janitorial service may perform tasks that include emptying trash, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, kitchen and break-room cleaning,  floor buffing, and more.  Cleaning services usually provide service after normal business hours.

What is a Cleaning Service Proposal?

A cleaning service proposal is a packet of information put together by Metro Cleaning Service that contains a list of services provided and the frequencies that we recommend for your particular facility, our qualifications and credentials, a service agreement, references, and a cleaning service price for your consideration.  We will be happy to provide you with a customized cleaning service proposal free of charge.   Metro Cleaning Service is the best value in the industry for all of your office cleaning and janitorial service needs in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Call today to request a free, no obligation estimate at (505) 275-8226.

Metro Cleaning Service Albuquerque Is Your #1 Choice in Office Cleaning

Once you choose Metro Cleaning Service to provide cleaning to your facility, we will confirm with you the details of our service agreement. Of course, you will have a copy of the service agreement and specifications to keep for your files and for your employees to reference at any time. This schedule will contain the following:

  • Specifications –   This is the part of the schedule in which you will find your checklist of agreed upon services that we will provide as part of our service. This checklist is your quality assurance tool and you may reference it at any time.
  • Frequency –  How often we will perform the agreed-upon tasks.  Metro Cleaning Service offers service plans for daily, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning needs.

   Complete Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation Program   Metro Cleaning Service ABQ Clean Bathroom

It is always nice to enter a restroom that smells clean and fresh!  Even though a restroom may appear clean, if it has not been properly disinfected, it’s likely there still may be millions of germs and bacteria invisibly lurking – bacteria and germs that can cause odors,  while spreading illness and infection.  The moisture that remains on surfaces like bathroom countertops, sinks, faucets, dispensers and toilets provides an environment where germs and bacteria can flourish. Some bacteria and germs can live more than 2 hours on these surfaces.

Why invest in a thorough restroom maintenance program?

  • Dangerous bacteria can negatively impact the health of building occupants.
  • Dirty, smelly restrooms can really leave a bad impression with prospective customers and guests.
  • Lack of restroom sanitation can lead to problems with odor control.
  • Regular cleaning can help extend the life of bathroom sinks, faucets, toilets, tile, and exhaust fans.

 Complete Hard Flooring Maintenance Plans    

Floor maintenance can be incorporated in to any plan for ongoing office cleaning and janitorial service.   Floor maintenance is also available to our customers upon request, on an as needed basis. We offer complete hard floor maintenance, including floor stripping, waxing, and buffing.   A well maintained floor gives a clean and polished appearance to any building! 

Metro Cleaning Service ABQ Floor Buffing
Metro Cleaning Service ABQ Buffed Floor

Metro Cleaning Service Albuquerque Provides Janitorial Services and Office Cleaning to a variety of small, medium, and large sized businesses!

Real estate offices

Law offices

Accounting firms

Architectural/design firms

Publishing companies

Engineering firms

Mortgage companies

Construction companies

Environmental firms

Dental Offices

 Educational facilities 

…….and many other local businesses!

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