Why Choose A Professional Cleaning Service?

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Cleaning is cleaning, right?  Most of us have some experience when it comes to cleaning.  As children, we probably learned to clean by helping our parents with the household chores.  As adults, we probably spend more than a few hours a week vacuuming, dusting and maintaining our homes!   Since most everyone knows how to clean, why not choose a cleaning service based on price?    And why not save even more by doing it yourself?

The true value of a professional janitorial service is often poorly understood.  A cleaning service should not be viewed as a cost or expense.  A good cleaning service is actually an investment that can pay off in many ways, many times over.  In fact, there are multiple and often overlooked advantages to using a professional cleaning service!

  • A clean workplace makes a great impression, and can even set a business apart from its competitors.   A potential client’s first impression of any business should be a clean, fresh smelling office.    Dirty, smelly restrooms can really leave a negative impression with prospective customers and guests.
  • A clean office is a healthier workplace.  There is a direct correlation between a good cleaning program and improved employee health. A clean office can help increase productivity and decrease sick days.
  Needless to say, lowered productivity and increased sick days can cost an employer money.
  • While no cleaning service can make everything look new, a good cleaning service can really help protect building assets.  Regular cleaning will extend the life of carpeting, bathroom fixtures, tile, exhaust fans,  wood, and furniture.  Keeping hard water in kitchens and restrooms under control can really go a long way towards increasing the longevity of toilet bowls, sinks, and faucets.
  • A clean building smells, looks, and feels like a nice place to work.   Clean surroundings create a  pleasant environment for building occupants!
  • A good cleaning company will use up to date and well maintained equipment, such as vacuums with HEPA filtration systems.  HEPA  stands for high-efficiency particulate air filter.  HEPA filters are designed to trap the majority of  fine particulates in the machine, so they aren’t simply spewing dust back into the air.
  • A quality janitorial service knows how to clean for the health and safety of building occupants.    A good cleaning service is knowledgeable about the chemicals they use and their application.     A credible cleaning service will not water down their cleaning chemicals and will spend the appropriate amount of time to allow the products to work effectively.

A professional janitorial service can play a vital role in the health, morale, and productivity of building occupants.  A reputable cleaning service can help a company make a positive impression on clients and customers.    An expert cleaning service will be your business partner.  Investing in a professional cleaning service has many advantages, and who couldn’t use an advantage now and then?

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What Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

What Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

The kitchen sponge is a handy and common clean up tool! Sponges save both money and the environment because they are re-useable. What you may not be aware of is that some sponges are actually dirtier than an average toilet seat. Some studies have found that kitchen sponges contain as many as 10 million bacteria per square inch. If you routinely use a sponge to wipe your kitchen counter top, plates and cups, or cutting board, those surfaces could also end up being dirtier than your toilet seat! Before you swear off sponges, here are a few tips to help you keep them clean and safe!

1. Let kitchen sponges dry thoroughly between uses.

Rinse and thoroughly wring the sponge after use. Purchase a binder clip (from office supply store) and clip it to the bottom of the sponge. The clip will serve as a “base” and allow the sponge to stand upright so that it will dry faster.

2. Sanitize your sponges!

Never let food and dirt remain on the sponge, and never use a sponge to wipe a cutting board or plate used for cleaning raw chicken. Sponges can be sanitized by soaking them in 1 quart of hot water mixed with 3 tablespoons of household bleach. Soak for five minutes, squeeze excess water out, and let air-dry.

3. Use your microwave!

Make sure your sponge is thoroughly wet and then microwave on high for 2 minutes. You can also place the sponge in a microwave safe bowl with a small amount of water. Do not microwave any sponge or scrub pad that contains metal, do not microwave dry sponges, and do not microwave sponges that contain any type of cleaning solution or chemical! Also, be very cautious when handling freshly microwaved sponges as they can be extremely hot.

Bonus Tip:
After microwaving the sponge, there will be quite a bit of steam and moisture in your microwave… which provides the perfect opportunity to remove some of that stuck-on gunk and debris from the microwave interior!

4. Replace sponges often!

The average sponge should be replaced after two to eight weeks, depending on frequency of use!

Always remember, if your sponge has developed an unpleasant or musty odor, it is probably best to be cautious and throw it out!
Please Note:
Microwave sponges at your own risk! Although many laboratory studies have been unable to duplicate this result, there have been rare instances of people reporting sponges catching fire while being microwaved. Make sure you adjust microwave times according to size of sponge and power of microwave. Never microwave metal, never microwave a dry sponge, and never microwave a sponge that contains cleaning solutions or other chemicals.


Is Your Coffee Mug Making You Sick?

Is Your Coffee Mug Making You Sick?

At Metro Cleaning Service, we love cutting down on waste as much as anyone else. Reusable mugs are wonderful, but not if they are going to make you sick!

What if your mug isn’t as clean as you think it is? It might not be! Approximately twenty percent of office mugs carry fecal bacteria, and 90 percent are covered in other germs. It is common practice to give our office mugs a not so thorough scrub that includes a squirt of liquid dish detergent, a kitchen sponge and a quick rinse off under the kitchen faucet. Most office sponges and kitchen scrub brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. Office sponges and brushes are used many times daily, by many different individuals and are rarely sanitized. When these handy (but potentially dirty) kitchen tools are used to clean a coffee mug, they can simply end up transferring germs from one mug to another.

Before you trade in your coffee mug for a styrofoam replacement, you might want to make it a point to give your mug a nightly run through in the dishwasher, complete with the dry cycle. At the very least, you may want to consider passing up the kitchen sponge, and opting for a paper towel instead. Rinse mug in the hottest possible water, and dry with a clean paper towel. Lastly, don’t leave your dirty mug on your desk overnight. Bacteria need just a small amount of residue to begin multiplying!

How To Choose a Cleaning Service

How To Choose a Cleaning Service

How To Choose A Cleaning Service

In order to choose a cleaning service that will meet the needs of your facility, there are many factors to consider in addition to cost. First, start by getting three estimates. It is often helpful to call a variety of companies, one small company, one large company, and a third company of your choice. Also, one can ask neighboring businesses or business associates which company they use to clean their office.

Next, GET REFERENCES! A reputable company will gladly provide a potential customer with several references. When checking a company’s references, ask how long one has used a particular cleaning service, whether or not the cleaning service is responsive to needs, and if they are reliable and show up at scheduled times. One could also ask if the cleaning service is trustworthy when it comes to locking doors, setting alarms, etc.

You may want to Google potential companies, just to make sure the company you’re considering doesn’t have lawsuits or complaints against them.

Lastly, choose the company that seems to be able to meet your needs. Look for friendliness and enthusiasm! One should choose a company that seems eager, positive, and attentive to individual needs! Most people don’t want to have to spend hours of their time each week just to remind their cleaning service to get the job done right!

Not all cleaning services are created equal. One should consider the overall value of the service, and not just base their decision to use a particular service on price alone. A good cleaning service is an investment in the appearance of your facility, and in the health of building occupants. Always remember, most companies price according to their worth!